Hawaii DanceSport,Inc. -
Hawaii DanceSport,Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of educating children and young adults in the art of dance through training, discipline and live performances with goal of promoting dance sport in the State of Hawaii.
Our missions is to involve more  Hawaii children and Youth  into ballroom dancing, we believe, the skills learned from dancing will put them at ease in any social event in their lives.
Dance instruction not only teaches kids the art of movement, step patterns and good posture, but also essential social and personal skills, such as respect to opposite sex, self discipline, self motivation. We appreciate the parents' efforts in bringing their children to the studio and encouraging their passion and dedication in learning how to ballroom dance. All ages welcome, no partner required.
We specialize in all types of ballroom and Latin Dances in both American and International styles. We follow a curriculum endorsed by experts in the ballroom dancing industry,Dance vision International Dance Association (DVIDA) and national dance Council of America (NDCA) and all our teachers are professionally certified with USISTD.
Dance Styles:
                  Ballroom dance                                                                        Latin dance
International   Standard         American Smooth      American Rhythm     International Latin
waltz                             waltz                      cha-cha              cha-cha
tango                             tango                        rumba               samba
slow foxtrot         foxtrot                      mambo              rumba
viennese waltz         viennese waltz                 bolero               paso-doble
quickstep                                    swing               jive
                                          west coast swing, hustle, salsa,merengue,bachata      
                                                             Theater Arts,  Showdance
                                                        Wedding dance choreography
We offer professional performances  and shows for your special celebrations,        banquets or public events.
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